Retreating to a quit place in order to practice intensively is meant by the expresion "being in the shed" among musicians. Many did so during the covid 19 pandemie. Whilst the first lockdown in 2020, Ronny Graupe established an internet streaming concert series: Into The Shed. In just under 16 months, 80 concerts were performed — all with musicians based in Berlin. As a consequence, Ronny founded his own Label Out Of The Shed to spread his music independently.
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First of all, we fire the album »The Call« by off the record, NOW available on CD and all digital platforms.

Ronny Graupes Spoom

Ronny Graupes Spoom


A Shoebill Music Release: Bridge Ices Before Road

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Ronny Graupe 7-string guitar
Jonas Westergaard double bass
Christian Lillinger drums
Christian Weidner alto sax

released February 24, 2020
compositions by Ronny Graupe
recorded by Martin Ruch
August 2018 and March 2019 in Berlin, Germany
(c) shoebill music 2020

Following a three-year break of not releasing any new material, "Bridge Ices Before Road" kicks off a new period for Ronny Graupes Spoom. On the new album, the group is covering new ground both compositionally and in terms of personnel: After 15 years of playing in a trio format, Ronny decided to extend the band to a quartet. The new compositions present less through-composed parts, and thus imply more open space for individual improvisation of the interpreting players. These seven new songs are vessels to arrive at free, yet clearly organized destinations from where the improvisations can start off in any direction. This recording documents the beginning of an ongoing work of exploring the inside of this newly expanded group, and also marks the return of Ronny Graupes Spoom to shoebill music, where their debut album “as they are” was released in 2013.